Care for skin with imperfections

Supports the fight against acne and visibly improves its quality

SelfieDermic is a reliable daily skin care companion for all young selfie enthusiasts. Developed using the latest advances in green chemistry, our mattifying and opaque face cream was created specifically for young women and men who want to take care of their complexions – especially those with acne.

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2 innovative product ingredients

Sebuless™ , Dendriclear™ 

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It’s a plant-based ingredient that regulates sebum, reduces blemishes and prevents new ones from forming.

Sebuless, an unprecedented in vitro test using normal human sebaceous cells, was conducted on 100 volunteers (average age 24). During the study, it was discovered that Sebuless made the skin less shiny in just 1 month in 70% of the participants. Additionally, there was a noticeable improvement in the appearance of acne lesions and red spots in them. Meanwhile, more than 70% of volunteers reported clearer looking skin.
Interesting fact: extract from the common lilac, commonly known as lilac, is the source of this ingredient.


A patented and innovative ingredient, the broad-spectrum lysine dendrimer.

It is an alternative to standard ingredients to help reduce skin imperfections.

Lysine is a substance that plays an important role in the action of Dendriclear, bringing numerous benefits to the skin. Thanks to its properties, lysine helps to clear the skin, reduce imperfections and regulate sebum. This is one ingredient that makes Dendriclear so effective in skin care.

Its mission is to rebalance the skin's acnebiomTM, marking a breakthrough way to regain a healthy microbiome that reduces the appearance of acne and improves the overall appearance of the skin.
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Fight acne - dull complexion

SelfieDermic not only reduces excess sebum and prevents shiny skin, but also effectively helps fight acne. Thanks to its innovative formula, which contains active ingredients such as lysine and an amino acid complex, our cream reduces hyperkeratinization of the skin, thus minimizing the appearance of pimples and blackheads.

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Effect BEFORE and AFTER application of SelfieDermic


SelfieDermic confidence in every photo.

With SelfieDermic, feel confident in every selfie! Our cream not only takes excellent care of your skin, but also helps you look your best in every photo. Discover the secret to a beautiful complexion with SelfieDermic today!

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Suitable for all skin types especially those prone to acne

Gentle care for young skin

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SelfieDermic's mild formula

It provides the skin with acne relief and hydration without causing irritation or dryness. Our product is perfect for all skin types – especially for acne-prone skin, so everyone can enjoy healthy, radiant skin.

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Our real reviews

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– reduces the appearance of acne lesions,

– reduces the appearance of skin imperfections,

– helps in the fight against skin imperfections,

– restores the balance of the acnebiom,

– receives on the skin for a long time,

– provides good coverage.

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– reduces the appearance of skin pores,

– has a mattifying effect,

– adjusts to the skin tone,

– evens out skin tone,

– does not cause a feeling of dryness,

– spreads evenly,

– smells pleasant.


In two color variants – light and dark.


Frequently asked questions

01. How to use SelfieDermic?

Apply to cleansed facial skin. Spread evenly until adequate coverage is achieved. Apply every morning. If you use a cream (such as a moisturizer or sunscreen) for the day, use SelfieDermic as the last step in your skincare routine. The cream can be applied to the entire face or spot-applied as needed.

02. Is it possible to combine colors?

Yes, SelfieDermic colors can be combined to achieve the perfect shade for your skin.

03. Is it possible to apply, for example, loose powder on SelfieDermic?

Yes, you can use other makeup products, such as loose powder, after applying SelfieDermic.

04. Can SelfieDermic be used at the same time as topical and oral antibiotics?

There are no such contraindications. However, we recommend consulting your doctor before using SelfieDermic with other acne medications at the same time.

05. Is SelfieDermic comedogenic (clogs pores)?

No, SelfieDermic’s formula is non-comedogenic and does not clog pores.

06. Does SelfieDermic have an SPF filter?

No, SelfieDermic does not contain SPF sunscreen. We recommend using additional sun protection.

07. Can SelfieDermic be used only for coverage if there are no typical acne vulgaris lesions, such as with rosacea, urticaria, allergic/allergic lesions, eczema, AD?

Yes, SelfieDermic can be used as an opaque primer, regardless of the presence of acne.

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