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Confirmed effectiveness

The effectiveness of SelfieDermic’s opaque-matte face cream has been confirmed in apparatus and application tests, conducted under the supervision of a dermatologist, at an independent research center.

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Apparatus study - conclusions:

  • Reduces sebum secretion by 14.7%
  • Reduces the appearance of large pores in the skin by 32%
  • And small pores in the skin by 35%

Application Research:

  • shows no acnegenic effect

Application tests under the supervision of a dermatologist - results confirmed by % of subjects:

  • reduces the appearance of pores and skin imperfections (100%)
  • smooths the skin (96%)
  • Has a mattifying effect and evens out the skin tone (100%)
  • lasts long on the skin,providing good coverage (92%)
  • gives the effect of fresher and healthier skin (88%)
  • does not cause a feeling of dryness and tightness of the skin (100%)
  • has a pleasant texture and fragrance (100%)

Details are available from the manufacturer SelfieDermic.